Shownu, the leader of boy group MONSTA X, will join the panel of MNET’s upcoming audition program ‘CAP-TEEN’ as the youngest judge.


According to a broadcasting official on October 7, MONSTA X Shownu will join as the last judge of Mnet’s ‘CAP-TEEN’, the first audition program in South Korea that will feature the contestants’ parents.

Previously, Mnet released a video of Lee Seung Chul, Jessi, and Soyou meeting as judges of the show on its official YouTube, and hid the identity of the last judge, raising questions.

Regarding MONSTA X Shownu’s appearance in ‘CAP-TEEN’, Mnet said, “We will announce the details in a press release tomorrow, October 8.”

Mnet’s ‘CAP-TEEN’ is a brand new audition program to find new teenage K-Pop stars. It is different from previous audition shows in that the contestants’ parents will get to ask judges directly about their children’s potential as singers and receive direct evaluations.

Meanwhile, Shownu together with MONSTA X will make their comeback with the 3rd album ‘FATAL LOVE’ on November 2.