Singer Chungha released a teaser video for the music video of PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #2 ‘PLAY’ on her official SNS account on July 2nd.


In the video clip released, the singer wore a flower crown and a flower-patterned dress in a field where fresh trees were located, revealing her lovely figure.


After changing into a black outfit, she showed off a colorful wave dance, followed by a 180-degree different charm with a haughty charisma.

In addition, Chungha turned into a matador and gave a red racing car hint with a passionate gesture, raising questions about the music video’s main film.


In particular, the beautiful visual beauty and colorful transformation of the “one-top performer” representing the singer continued, heralding a splendid return that did not disappoint fans this time.


“PLAY” is a Latin pop with various elements of reggaeton arranged in sections, and it tells the story of a more beautiful and hot afternoon than at night as the boundaries between day and night are blurred following the deep night voice expressed by the previous single “Stay Tonight.”


Chungha’s PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #2 ‘PLAY’ will be released on the music site before 6 p.m. on the 6th.


Check out ‘PLAY’ official MV teaser here: