Stray Kids’ 1st full album repackage ‘IN生’ (In Life ) has broken the group’s record again, surpassing 300,000 pre-orders.


The repackage of the boys’ first full-length album has garnered over 300,000 preorders as of the morning of September 11, ahead of its official release on September 14.

The first full-length album ‘GO生‘, released on June 17, recorded over 200,000 preorders five days before its release, setting a record for the group.

Now, the album repackage, to be released three months after the album, has further re-established Stray Kids’ popularity.


Stray Kids has established themselves as a distinct group with their different colors, addictive music, fresh concepts and intense performances, most demonstrated through their previous work ‘God’s Menu‘.

The members participated in writing and composing all the songs for their first full-length album, revealing their unique identity and musical growth.

The new song this time, ‘Back Door’, by 3RACHA, a producing team within the group, is an invitation-like song that brings listeners to an exciting festive mood.

The music video teaser for ‘Back Door’, which was released at midnight on September 10, has surpassed 1.8 million views on YouTube as of 12 AM KST on September 12, drawing keen attention from South Korea and abroad.

In addition, various teaser videos where members showing off their new visual concepts in advance have recorded a lot of views.

Stray Kids’ new album ‘IN生’ and the title track ‘Back Door’ will be released at 6 PM KST on various music sites on September 14.