P1Harmony will be the first non-Big Hit Labels artist to officially announce their participation in the Weverse Fan Community.


P1Harmony is a new six-member boy group under FNC Entertainment, which is set to make their official debut next month. The group’s recent feature film ‘P1H: Beginning of a New World’ has caught the attention of fans around the world even before their debut.

Joining Weverse for P1Harmony is a necessary step to actively greet the “Global Fandom” from the beginning, as they have members from various nationalities, including South Korea, Canada and Japan. P1Harmony is seeking to grow as a next-generation K-Pop group by using Weverse, where they can can communicate closely with fans around the world, as a space to create “harmony” with fans.

The ‘P1Harmony Weverse’, which will open next month, will connect the group with fans through the platform’s unique function. With the Multilingual Translation Support Service, which automatically translates 10 languages for international fans, fans can directly communicate with the artist by pressing “Cheer” or leaving comments when the members post something. Also, fans can feel close and connected by checking the most popular article in real time through ‘Discover’.


A Weverse official said, “We are pleased that the rookie group P1Harmony, which is about to debut, is taking their first step toward communicating with global fans on Weverse. This is a global fandom-based platform that an average of 1.4 million people visit every day in 229 countries and regions. We will provide various services so that artists and fans can interact together, grow, and create a new culture.”

Currently, Weverse is the home of the fandom of 6 idol groups, including BTS, TXT, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST and ENHYPEN.