According to an exclusive media outlet report on September 15, NCT will be releasing their new album called “NCT 2020” album next month, some time in mid-October specifically.


This album will mark the second achievement of a compilation NCT album, after their previous one “NCT 2018” released in February of 2018. During those time of NCT 2018, a total of 18 NCT members joined together in a variety of tracks by NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, and more, producing hits like “Boss”, “Baby Don’t Stop”, “GO”, “Touch”, and more songs.


Many fans are anticipating the potential addition of NCT’s new unit team WayV in this upcoming “NCT 2020” release .

In response to the above exclusive report on September 15, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed, “It’s true that NCT are preparing an album. We will make an official announcement once exact schedules are confirmed.” 


Some of the fans’ comments are below.

“Let it be 21 members please! We want Way V interaction with 127 and Dream!”

“Well just pull the rug out of from under us. Every release from NCT 2018 was gold. I expect more of the same.”

“I’m excited for this!! I absolutely love NCT….they should also incorporate the WayV members but I know that WayV is their Chinese branch, so who knows! I can’t wait for this!!!”

“OMG WAIT Is this why we’re getting so many 127xDream content?!?! I’m so excited please let XiaoYangDerey participate in it. Imagine a Xiaojun,Doyoung,Taeil highnote and Yang yang,Mark and Taeyong Rap in one song.”

“OMG, I’m so excited for them~!”

“I think they will delay it till the start of 2021, cause the members might be overworked, especially the ones who are in SuperM and wasn’t there a 127 Japanese album to be released by November or smtg?”

“I hope they include WayV in this too. It’s gonna be a good slap to people who say WayV ain’t NCT.”

“I’ve bought the NCT 2018 album since it was so epic and guess I’m gonna go broke tryna buy this one too.”