Trot singer Lim Young Woong and the top contestants of TV Chosun’s singing competition ‘Mr. Trot’ are continuing to show his popularity on the music charts.


Mr. Trot is currently the highest rated broadcast in South Korean cable television history. The show caused explosive reactions at the time, and it has been receiving constant attention even after it ended.

‘The Story of an Old Couple in their 60s’, ‘Hope’, ‘A Purple Postcard’, ‘One-sided Dandelion’, ‘Two Fists’ and ‘The Betrayer’, which were sung in the show by the contestants, continue to be high on the charts.

‘Trust in me’, a special song for the winner of ‘Mr. Trot‘, composed by Cho Young Soo and written by Kim Na Na, has been steadily loved since its topping the chart.

Songs and stages performed by Lim Young Woong through TV Chosun’s ‘Romantic Call Centre’, the follow-up show of Mr. Trot which are currently airing, are also gaining popularity. Weekly releases such as ‘Aloha’, ‘Magic Lily’, ‘Despacito’, and ‘Emergency Room’, which were performed at ‘Romantic Call Centre’ are receiving heated responses from listeners.

In addition, Lim Young Woong’s songs ‘Elevator’ and ‘Hate You’, which were released before his appearance in ‘Mr. Trot’, also newly entered the charts, proving listeners’ interest in him. Not only does it dominate the music charts, but it'[s stage performance also has a high number of views. In the recently released Genie Music Trot Chart in the fourth week of May, Lim Young Woong also took 4 spots, which once again demonstrated his popularity.