Joohoney (Jooheon) from boy group MONSTA X has announced that he will release his 4th mixtape titled ‘PSYCHE’ on October 9.


The main rapper unveiled his fourth mixtape ‘PSYCHE’ coming-soon image on MONSTA X’s official SNS channel on the afternoon of October 2.

The released photos show the words “JOOHONEY” in white and “PSYCHE COMING SOON 2020.10.09” in crimson red on a black background, adding to the viewers’ curiosity.


Earlier, Joohoney was noted as a multi-talented artist who included various self-composed tracks in MONSTA X‘s albums as well as making the rap parts of all songs. In 2018, he proved his various global popularity by entering the iTunes charts and Billboard World Albums chart with his solo mixtape ‘DWTD’. Recently, he showed off his ability as a producer by giving his own song ‘JUMPER’ to his company’s new boy group CRAVITY.

Jooheon’s new mixtape ‘PSYCHE’ will be released on famous U.S. music sites such as iTunes and Spotify and SoundCloud, a global free music distribution platform, on the 9th.