The Cultural Heritage Administration (Director Chung Jae Sook) and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (Chairman Jin Ok Seop) announced on September 22 that MONSTA X, which is a global group with a global presence, will participate in the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign.


The Visit Korean Heritage Campaign is a campaign to rediscover the value of the Korean culture and heritage, which are the archetypes of Korean culture, and to inform people about the existence of cultural heritage as a space for relaxation, tourism and healing.

MONSTA X will introduce the cultural heritage that they visited in person, and will showcase their experiences through the YouTube content ‘MONSTA X meet Korean Heritage’, where they examine the historical meaning and travel information of the cultural heritage with Professor Seo Kyung Duk. As a Hallyu star representing South Korea, the boys are expected to play an important role in promoting Korea’s charm to the world.

Professor Seo Kyung Duk and MONSTA X
Professor Seo Kyung Duk and MONSTA X
Professor Seo Kyung Duk and MONSTA X

MONSTA X members said, “It’s a great honor to introduce our beautiful cultural heritage. Through this campaign, we hope more people will be deeply aware of the touching beauty of our traditional cultural heritage and feel it together with us.”

‘MONSTA X meet Korean Heritage’ will be available on YouTube starting September 29.