MONSTA X‘s Jooheon appeared as a swag model on pictorial for the August issue of ‘Dazed‘ magazine!

The idol demonstrated his personal, unique swag liberally throughout the photoshoot, looking comfortable in loose, hip-hop style fashion pieces. During his interview, Jooheon opened up about showing off what he believed to be ‘swag’ on stage. He said, “I think I am the coolest when I am pouring out rap fiercely. Whether it’s through rap or through dance, when my body is expending so much that I feel electric, that’s my source of energy. I know that the audience watching me can feel the exact kind of high that I am on.”

When asked to choose between “purity” and “swag”, Jooheon answered, “‘Purity’. I wish my ‘purity’ could be seen as ‘swag’. If that were the case, it would be something that only I would have.”

Check out some of Jooheon’s previews cuts for next month’s ‘Dazed’, below!