Girl group Lovelyz has revealed the comeback schedule for their 7th mini-album ‘UNFORGETTABLE’, which will be released on September 1.


Their agency, Woollim Entertainment, posted the schedule on Lovelyz’s official SNS on August 18.

Starting with the concept photos to be disclosed on the 19th and 20th, Lovelyz is expected to release different versions of their concept photos and trailer videos on the 21st. They will then release a variety of contents, including lyric spoilers, music video teasers and highlight medley, which will provide a glimpse of the new album ‘UNFORGETTABLE’, to soothe the thirst of fans looking forward to the comeback.


Earlier, Lovelyz announced their official comeback with a teaser video, in which a unique and mysterious sound and a dreamy atmosphere were presented, giving off a different charm that they has not shown before, arousing fans’ curiosity. Expectations are rising over what fantasy story the girls will portray through ‘UNFORGETTABLE’.

“We prepared the album with gratitude to Lovelinus who have been waiting for Lovelyz’s comeback for a long time,” said Woollim Entertainment. “We will do our best to help Lovelyz and fans create special memories, so please give us a lot of attention and love.”