31 of Woollim Entertainment’s artists presented a meaningful gift to fans around the world through ‘Relay’ – the first song in the ‘With Woollim‘ project.

Artists from the agency has released their first digital single ‘Relay’ on various music sites at 6 PM on May 31.

‘Relay’ is a song of the pop genre that combines warm melodies and beats, composed by ‘TENTEN’. On top of that, the artist’s colorful voices brought the song to perfection.

In particular, the song’s message of running on behalf of each other when one is tired, the concept of passing the baton, is impressive.


The ‘With Woollim’ project was designed to convey a warm feelings about Woollim to the world. All the artists with their authentic voices and great harmony is a surprise gift for music lovers around the world.

The ‘With Woollim’ project involved a total of 31 artists working under Woollim, including INFINITE Kim Sung Kyu, LOVELYZ, GOLDEN CHILD, ROCKET PUNCH and Woollim’s rookies, except for artists currently serving in the military.