Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won are reported to join in an upcoming Korean drama entitled ‘City Couple’s Way of Love‘ which will be directed by ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay‘ director.

Kakao TV’s original drama ‘City Couple’s Way of Love’, scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of 2020, confirmed the casting of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won, and started shooting in earnest.


The drama depicts a real love story of young people living fiercely with another me inside of a crowded city. It is expected that the method of love, which is fast, but never light, harmonizes with the colorful city landscape, providing a different fun.

An urban man and woman who dreams of being’another me’ and enjoys deviance of purity in search of happiness and love. The ‘Chin’ love story of people who know how to be more honest and active than anyone else in their lives inspire empathy.

Director Park Shin Woo of ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ and ‘The Incarnation of Jealousy‘, and the writer Jeong Hyun Jung, who wrote ‘Discovery of Love’ and ‘Romance is a separate book’, including the ‘Need Romance’ series joined forces. Above all, attention is focused on the fact that it is the first digital drama of director Park Shin Woo and writer Jeong Hyun Jung, who have a good knowledge of romance. I’m already looking forward to seeing what kind of sensibility will be melted into the new grammar called ‘Short form’ for 30 minutes.


The meeting between Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won is also expected. The actor took the role of an honest and passionate architect, Jae Won Park. He is a romanticist who loves alleys of the city and a hot man whose hobby is collecting hobbies. Park Jae Won is a “camera thief” who stole my heart and disappeared like a midsummer night’s dream. Although Ji Chang Wook is perfect, it is expected to reveal the charm of Park Jae Won, who is “overly hot”. The actor said, “It is a work of writer Jung Hyun Jung and director Park Shin Woo, who has been looking forward to working together, so I am also happy and looking forward to preparing it.

Kim Ji Won played the role of freelance marketer Lee Eun Oh, freelance marketer who spontaneously decides to adopt a false identity in an unfamiliar place. She accidentally ends up falling in love with Park Jae Won while posing as the free-spirited Yoon Sun Ah.


Kim Ji Won similarly commented, “I’m excited to be working together with such a great director, writer, and cast. I’m working hard to prepare so that I can show you a new side of myself through the character of Lee Eun Oh. In this difficult time, I hope that I’ll be able to provide even the smallest bit of joy.”