FNC Entertainment is launching a new boy group named ‘P1Harmony’, and the members were revealed in the ‘Logo Performance’ video.


P1Harmony is a six-member idol group with outstanding skills and diverse talents, scheduled to make their official debut in October.

The name ‘P1Harmony’ is a combination of Plus and the number 1 and Harmony, which means 1 team of boys with unlimited potential added together to create harmony.

FNC opened the official SNS for their rookie group at midnight on September 1 and released a logo motion video containing the meaning of the name. The company then uploaded the logo performance video, unveiling for the fist time the faces of the upcoming boy group.

The boys are expected to draw special attention as they will release a film featuring the members, titled ‘P1H: Beginning of a New World,” a project that combines K-Pop and K-Movie loved by people all over the world.

The detailed profiles of the six member will be released sequentially on their official SNS account later.