In the strict entertainment industry of South Korea, idols have to keep their images clean and perfect. That’s why there are many things that they cannot do, even some of the most basic things.

1. Eating certain foods


The Korean entertainment industry has strict regulations on the body of idols, so most idols have an obsession with their weight. In addition to idols themselves following harsh weight loss plans, some companies even issue a request to ban their artists from eating certain foods. For example, BTS RM was forbidden to eat jajangmyeon (noodles) during the MV recording and product promotions.

2. Going to a club or bar

BLACKPINK previously shared that they were banned by YG from going to clubs or bars.


JYP’s President Park Jin Young also said that the company prohibits all artists and employees from appearing at bars that hire only female staff (to serve male guests). In JYP, this regulation is strictly enforced and if someone breaks the rule, the president does not hesitate to fire them.

Park Jin Young

3. Talking

As fans of K-Pop, we know there are some artists that have a “mystery” image, so they must refrain from speaking and laughing too much to avoid ruining the image. Infinite’s L is a good example. “I can’t even laugh. If I can’t hold it anymore, I could only turn back and chuckle. If I do anything that affects my image, I’ll get into trouble with the company,” L shared.

4. Driving

This rule mainly applies to idols under YG Entertainment because they are not allowed to drive. Mino (WINNER) once revealed that idols in the company are not allowed to buy or drive cars, even if they have a driver’s license. “We have to get an approval from the chairman and it’s unlikely he would approve it.”

5. Dating

This topic cannot be completed without this rule. Dating is a sensitive issue for idols because fans don’t want them to belong to anyone else. Therefore, only a few entertainment companies in South Korea let their artists dates. Most companies forbid dating in the first years of the idols’ career, some even give a specific timeline to avoid the relationship affecting their schedules.

Knet doesn’t want idols to date, and they are willing to turn their backs on the idol, even ask the idol to leave the group if he/she is exposed by Dispatch.