In the past, Dispatch has revealed many secret dating couples among famous stars in Korea, thanks to countless sneaky photos when these lovebirds didn’t pay attention.


Dispatch’s release of information about those secret couples has become a hot topic for Netizens. In addition, Dispatch also provides a lot of photos taken when the stars appear in public, and most do not recognize the presence of Dispatch.


However, only one idol has never been secretly photographed by Dispatch, none other than Dahyun (TWICE).


Thanks to her unique skills and experience in lens detection, Dahyun always finds Dispatch before Dispatch finds her.


Dahyun always discovers secret cameras very easily. She even waved, smiled happily and looked towards the Camera.


Dahyun even discovers these camera lenses from very far away, and often turns her head or waved back.


Netizens and fans were amazed at her ability to detect cameras from a great distance. It seems that no lens is secret enough to capture the idol.


She’s always the first to see the camera when no one is looking. Whether in public or on stage, Dispatch can’t escape from Dahyun’s “sight”