K-Pop fans not only follow their idols when they perform on stage, but also pay attention to their idols’ daily life. It can be said that fans especially love the cute, “casual” moments of idols. Most recently, netizens have collected a series of pictures of their ‘oppa’ from SM, YG, JYP and Big Hit riding motorcycles.

Chanyeol – Baekhyun (EXO) look like a couple on their motorcycle

The EXO-L community (EXO’s fandom) once spread a photo of Chanyeol on a motorbike, giving Baekhyun a ride home after their work. The male idol rode a scooter, wearing casual clothes and a helmet. When Chanyeol sped up, Baekhyun immediately hugged his friend’s waist, making fans fantasizing them as lovers.

On a scooter, Chanyeol gave Baekhyun a romantic ride.
The lovely moment was also recreated in chibi style by fans.

Seunghoon (WINNER) looks like your neighbor’s son

At the end of 2019, Seunghoon traveled to Da Nang, Vietnam and left the fans their a hilarious picture. The photo shows the male idol riding a motorbike, wearing a T-shirt, a pair of shorts as well as a casual helmet. Seunghoon didn’t look all shiny and fancy like he did on stage, but more of a boy next door.

If you are not a fan of WINNER and know Seunghoon, you will think the man on the motorcycle is some random guy on the road.

GOT7 are on a whole different level

In their MV ‘Girls’, released in 2014, GOT7 made fans “speechless” with their wheelman scooters. In the middle of the street, the JYP boy group appeared like “gods” on scooters.

A ‘legendary photo’ of GOT7.

Jungkook (BTS) is a baby buying banana milk

As a part of their job, Dispatch once followed Jungkook (BTS). However, the reporters of this newspaper could not find any evidence of him dating. After that, fans used a picture of Jungkook riding his scooter to buy banana milk to mock Dispatch, saying that the male idol is still the youngest brother, so he only loves banana milk, not girls.

ARMY want to protect little Jungkook forever.

Photos of K-Pop idols’ daily life are not often revealed, simply because fans do not always see idols on the road. Therefore, these photos are considered ‘legends’ that shake the social networks.