6 Must-Visit Places In Korea For K-Pop Fans

6 Must-Visit Places In Korea For K-Pop Fans

You don’t want to skip out on these locations.

Korea is probably the greatest place on earth for international fans. Have you ever seen those beautiful scenes through movies, music videos, or the photos which your idol took and once wished to go there?

Here are 6 must-visit places in Korea for K-Pop fans:

1. Cafes And Restaurants Owned By Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

There are several idols with their own cafes and restaurants that you can visit. Though it’s unlikely that your favorite idol will be there, it’s still a great experience and you will be supporting your idol’s business.

2. Entertainment Buildings.

Make sure to visit several of the Entertainment buildings like JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and more. The great thing about going to visit some of the numerous buildings is that they are pretty close to one another.

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3. Attend A K-Pop Concert

Unlike other areas, K-Pop concerts in Korea are a lot cheaper and sometimes even free.

4. Kyobo Bookstore

A bookstore might sound like a place full of K-Pop merchandise, yet, Kyobo has a lot! Along with its wide variety of books, Kyobo has numerous K-Pop photo books, albums, calendars, etc. Kyobo also makes things easy for K-Pop fans by shelving their products by artists.

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At MBC WORLD, visitors experience the various entertainment programs they offer. From becoming the main character in a drama to witnessing how a drama is made, MBC World is one location you don’t want to skip.

"It is an experience space where you can lively meet MBC’s past entertainment programs. Anyone can experience it and make your own memories ? Please
use and interest."

— MBC World

6. King Studio

King Studio is a place where visitors can be guided by professional vocal trainers and taught to be sound engineers. Once trained and educated you can record your very own song like a real K-Pop star. Following your recording session, you can keep your recorded song as an Mp3 file.

7. Visit Locations Where Your Favorite K-Pop Group Shot Their Music Video

Nothing is more fun than standing in the location your favorite group shot your favorite song. After visiting the location you always watch the music video knowing you were also there once. You can even reenact a certain part of the music video or record a dance cover video there.