Producer The BLANK Shop will be working with Wonpil from boy band DAY6 for the title track of his first full album.


The BLANK Shop released the teaser for his first full-length album ‘Tailor’ on his official SNS on September 10, announcing the collaboration with Wonpil.

The released photos draw attention as it feature props that give a romantic feeling around a CD player. In particular, Wonpil will participate as the singer of the title track ‘Love Song’, raising expectations for the emotional synergy the two will achieve.

The BLANK Shop will begin his full-scale activities as a producer with ‘Tailor’, not as jazz pianist Yoon Seok Chul. He will present music that best suits an artist, just like what a tailor does. And he plans to prove his outstanding musical capabilities through various genres of music, featuring several artists.

The BLANK Shop will release his first full-length album ‘Tailor’ on various music sites at 6 PM KST on the September 17.