Not only possessing good vocals or excellent dancing abilities, many K-Pop idols are also known for their great composing skills. Moreover, some idols are not only good at composing their own songs, but they are also very talented at creating music for other artists.

Korean netizens recently named 5 male idols who are very good at composing and producing songs for female artists. Many songs that they made have quickly become hits, achieving impressive results on digital music charts and are still continuously listened to by audiences to this day.

SHINee Jonghyun


IU – “A Gloomy Clock”

Son Dambi – “Red Candle”

Lim Kim – “No More”

Lee Hi – “Breathe”

Zico (Block B)


“It Was Love” (Feat. f(x) Luna)

Kim Sejeong – “Flower Road”

Hwasa – “Kidding”

Jinyoung (former B1A4)


Girls on Top (Produce 101) – “In The Same Place”

Oh My Girl – “Step by Step”

I.O.I – “When the Cherry Blossoms Fade”

Ben – “Misty Road” (OST of ‘Love in the Moonlight’)

I.O.I – “Hold On”

Girls Next Door – “Deep Blue Eyes”

Suga (BTS)


Suran – “Wine” (Feat. Changmo)

Heize – “We Don’t Talk Together” (Feat. Kiri Boy)

IU – “eight”



I.O.I – “Downpour”

Korean netizens have given a lot of praise to the songs created by these 5 mentioned male idols. In particular, Jinyoung (former B1A4) received the most compliments. The idol is showered with admiration as the songs he created for his female colleagues left unforgettable impressions on the audience.

Some top comments read:

  • “I clicked on this post while thinking of Jinyoung.”
  • “Speaking of this topic, Jinyoung is a legend… And the songs that Suga produced are also my type.”
  • “Totally agree with Jinyoung.”
  • “When I read the title, I thought of Jinyoung.”
  • “‘Downpour’ is still my favorite song now. Woozi is awesome.”
  • “Woa! Jinyoung!!”
  • “Woozi only has 1 song here but its influence is no joke.”
  • “Our beloved Jonghyun. I still listen to ‘Breathe’ a lot after all this time.”
  • “Jinyoung is good at writing music. His songs are superb.”
  • “Wow! Jinyoung is a hit.”
  • “All the songs of I.O.I which I love are all composed by Jinyoung.”
  • “On this topic, no one can surpass Jinyoung.”

Which song do you like the most among the products that these 5 male idols have composed and produced? Please share with us.