Singer WOODZ, Cho Seung Yeon, will meet fans through his first-ever online concert ‘2020 WOODZ: NOT JUST A CONCERT – W BOX’.


“WOODZ will hold his first online concert ‘2020 WOODZ: NOT JUST A CONCERT – W BOX’ on September 27,” Yuehua Entertainment, his agency said on September 2.

The concert will be held on-tact to soothe fans’ disappointment of not being able to meet their idol in person due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis (‘On-tact’ is a concept that adds ‘On’ to ‘Untact’, which means ‘non-face-to-face’). The event will be broadcast live online and will be as spectacular as if it were a usual concert.

WOODZ plans to break away from the existing framework of concerts through ‘NOT JUST A CONCERT – W BOX’ and show a more diverse appearance of himself. As an all-rounder, he is expected to demonstrate various aspects beyond his singing.

“Through this online concert, we will show a more comprehensive spectrum of our artist WOODZ ,” the agency said. “We have prepared various contents to communicate more closely with fans, so please look forward to it.”

WOODZ’s first online concert, ‘NOT JUST A CONCERT – W BOX’, will be broadcast live at 3 PM on September 27. Fans who want to watch the show can make their reservations until 2 PM on September 27.