Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) had time to communicate with fans through Instagram Live, sharing that she almost cried during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On a live broadcast, the singer said, “To be honest, I think we’ll all be the same. Everyone in the house can be bored, helpless, and miss people. It’s a lonely and lonely world without Corona.”


Taeyeon then expressed regret over the situation in which she could not perform due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), saying, “I am sad that there are fewer opportunities to meet you. I can say ‘Isn’t it good if you stay home?’ but I want to sing and perform because I’m a singer before I become a stay-at-homebody. I think it’s true that if the corona can disappear now, it will get worse, so I think it’s true that I lose my energy”.


Leader of SNSD said, “I think not only me but also those who have jobs will feel a little bit of loss, futility and emptiness. I feel like I lost my job because I can’t perform now. Because I can’t perform. “I almost cried,“.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon canceled a solo concert in Singapore scheduled for February to prevent the spread of Corona 19.