A series of beautiful moments like Jisoo (BLACKPINK) when attending the event is becoming a hot topic on Korean social networks.


Recently, the moments of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) attending the event have become a hot topic on Korean social networks. Specifically, netizens have gathered a series of photos of the rare times Jisoo attended the event. These are all high-end brands’ events, so it is possible to invite the goddess YG to come like this.

During these events, Jisoo all appeared with a very luxurious appearance, wearing high-class outfits. Netizens commented that with such beautiful beauty as “Miss Korea”, Jisoo could easily become the focus of attention. Inherently with a perfectly beautiful face, a slim figure, even the flash or photo can not “dampen” the oldest sister of BLACKPINK. She looks no different from the ladies of the super-rich, tycoon stepping out of a love story.


In an event, Jisoo wore a seductive off-shoulder dress.


Another time, Jisoo also wore a sexy, penetrating black dress.


In the moment Jisoo was escorted by her bodyguard, she looked like a luxurious lady.


Simple yet luxurious and shining – it’s Jisoo.


Perfectly beautiful face worthy of the title “Miss Korea”.