On October 6, Tuesday, at 9 AM KST, Netflix Korea dropped the trailer for the upcoming BLACKPINK documentary, “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky”.

At the start of the trailer, the girls are seen introducing themselves and telling fans that their documentary will drop on October 14, 2020. They asked fans to look forward to the documentary and end it with a sweet, “See you on Netflix!”


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The trailers show some behind-the-scenes videos of the girls practicing. At the start, we see Lisa practice her singing. Jennie gives her some advice, telling her, “However you feel comfortable.” Lisa continues to try out the line, and after being told how to sing it by the producer, gets it right.


The next scene shows the girls in concert, along with a voice-over that says, “Our next guest is the best charting Korean girl group of all time, K-Pop sensation…” And the iconic, “BLACKPINK!”


Another voice-over is heard, saying how K-pop has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Rosé is then heard saying that they entered something this big with no idea it would turn out in such a way.


Along with never-before-seen footage of the girls during their trainee days, we hear Jennie say “I think what makes K-pop, K-pop, is the time that we spend as a trainee.” Lisa is then heard saying she was fourteen-years-old when she became a trainee and joked that she was such a kid back then.


Jennie reveals in the trailer that they all lived together from the start, in a sort of boarding school type situation. Rosé is then seen confessing that she never even thought that she would have to live away from her family, shedding tears at the very thought. Lisa is then heard revealing that at the time, everything was a competition. Member Jisoo then confesses that at the time, she wondered if it was alright for her to give up just because things got a little harder for her.


However, Jennie and Rosé revealed that when it was the four of them as a team, “it all just worked.”


Jennie goes on to say that all she wanted was for people to see the potential in the girls. Jisoo then revealed that with every new release, the girls feel pressure for it to be better than the last. Even Teddy Park, the producer, is seen asking, “How do we live up to this hype?” and commenting about how aware they are that the fans want more.


As both happy scenes and sad scenes flood in, we hear Jennie saying, “This is just the beginning.”


Are you excited for the documentary? Check out the trailer here:

Back on September 9, 2020, Netflix confirmed the release of an all-access BLACKPINK documentary. YG Entertainment said in a statement to numerous media outlets that the documentary will show the past four years of the girl group’s career, even going back to their pre-debut and debut days. The documentary is said to also show never-before-seen footage of the girls as they train and their home life. The members will also share stories they’ve never mentioned in past interviews and their honest thoughts about their lives and careers. The documentary will also show the group’s recording process and how they prepared for their iconic 2019 Coachella performance.