Things didn’t go as planned.

It would be hard to imagine BLACKPINK with any other name, but the group revealed that they originally planned on using a different name. BLACKPINK recently sat down with Access to talk about their first full album, THE ALBUM, as well as many other things.


During the interview, the members were asked how they got the name “BLACKPINK”, and Jennie shared that the group originally wanted to find a word that combined the words “black” and “pink”.

“We were struggling at the beginning with the group name. If there was a color mixed with black and pink, like in the right amount, then we would have gone with that color.” – Jennie shared.

However, they weren’t able to find the right word that combined “black” and “pink”, so they decided to just make it one word.

“We just put them (the words “black” and “pink”) together and made one word with it.” – Rosé continued.

Jennie also commented on how they wanted their group name to show how diverse of a group they were.

“We wanted to express the diversity of the group and how far and different genres we could do and show you guys.” – Jennie also revealed.

This info came from a short interview on Access at home program where 4 girls chatted with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans about their success as a K-pop group. They rave about Selena Gomez, who worked with them on their single “Ice Cream,” and say they can’t wait to be able to one day perform with her. BLACKPINK will be releasing their debut album which releases on 10/2 as well as their Netflix documentary, “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky” which premieres on 10/14.

Check the full clip below!