The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU) protested against the recently released music video of girl group BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” wherein Jennie was dressed on a tight-fitting nurse outfit partnered with red high heels, calling it a clear sexual objectification and a disparaging description.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union criticized BLACKPINK’s music video in a commentary on October 5, saying:

“Nurse costumes, such as hair caps, tight and short skirts, and high heels, are clothes and directing that follow the typical sexual code.”

On “Lovesick Girls” MV which was released on October 2, the main rapper and member of the K-pop female group, Jennie, appeared as a nurse and showcased her visual wearing a nurse hat which is not commonly used now after disappearing in the 90s, short skirts exposing her thighs, and a high heels.


The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union pointed out, “Even though the nurse was health and medical worker and professional medical worker, they had to undergo a disparaging portrayal of being exposed to sexual objectification and suspected of expertise just because there were many women in the occupational group.”

A representative from the union revealed, “Even though nurses have been fighting for a long time to improve this, YG Entertainment sexually objectified nurses in BLACKPINK’s music video. This situation gets worse the more pop culture repeats its distorted image of nurses.”


The Health Union also added that YG Entertainment has targeted nurses in BLACKPINK’s music video, given that nurses have been fighting against the stigma of sexual objectification and disparagement. 

Also, despite the modern era, nurses of the current generations are still abuse of power and often experience sexual violence.

“The more public culture repeats the image of a distorted nurse, the worse this situation gets. Now that BLACKPINK’s new song is ranked at the top of various global charts, we urge YG Entertainment to take responsible action to match its popularity and influence.”


In response, internet users, who identified themselves as current nurses, are conducting hashtag campaigns such as #간호사는코스튬이아니다 and “#StopSexualizingNurse.”

On October 2, the controversy immediately circulated on various social media platforms, criticizing BLACKPINK’s cordi for allegedly styling the BLACKPINK members into sexy outfits, including Jennie’s recent nurse outfit. 

The netizens’ opinion about the controversy was divided, as fans are defending that people shouldn’t attack Jennie as well as the cord. According to BLINKs, it is not Jennie’s fault, but the viewers rather, for trying to objectify her for her outfit.

However, Koreans and nurses expressed their uncomfortable feelings toward the MV, and hope that this will be addressed immediately.


BLACKPINK, on October 2, released their first full-length album, “THE ALBUM,” topped iTunes album charts in 57 countries, including the United States. It also ranked seventh on the Apple Music album chart in the U.S. and topped the list as a pop album chart.


“THE ALBUM” physical album will be officially released on Thursday. The preorder volume of the album, which is still on pre-sale, has reached more than 1 million copies, heralding the first, highest, and most new record-breaking for a single K-pop girl group.