Finally, the long-awaiting comeback of BLACKPINK with “THE ALBUM” is here with “Lovesick Girls”. Congratulations!

After the concept teaser video for this title track was out, Blinks from all around the world has had high expectations for this comeback, as always. This video racked up almost half a million views in its first hour.


When it released, the song’s instrumental has been described as “dreamy” and “wavy” with a country-style guitar which is not their signature sound, so Blinks expected for a sickening beat drop. Moreover, it could also have the edgy vibe of “Whistle” and the emotional pull of “Stay”.

These are just all the hopes from the teaser video so you could check it out from the official MV.

One thing exceptional thing as a plus is that BLACKPINK having outdoor scenes where all 4 girls have the chance to showcase their acting skills. Jennie succeeds in portraying the edgy vibe while Rose is looking gorgeous but rebellious at the same time.


The visual of BLACKPINK Jisoo is no more the feminist member when she looks all wild and badass with heavy eyeliner. And the last but not least, Lisa is always bringing the bad girl vibes but hurtful and reckless in every scene.

Not energetic or powerful like other times, this song sounds a bit more slowdown and soulful with a deep message delivered to the audience. This is definitely the unexpected sound from the YG girl group but it will be definitely a hit!


The upcoming album will have 8 songs, including “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream”, a duet song with Selena Gomez.

Another collab song will appear is “Bet U Wanna” which BLACKPINK featuring with the female rapper Cardi B. Despite the controversial opinions towards this project, “Bet U Wanna” is for sure one of the most expected songs in the first full album of BLACKPINK.