BLACKPINK Jennie is known as a talented idol with not only skillful rap ability and a powerful singing voice, but also her fancy and luxurious vibe she gives out no matter what she does.

However, besides that fierceness, “adorable” Jennie is an image that Blinks want to protect at all cost. That’s why this cute moment of her in front of a shoe store has become viral all over the internet.


Who knows a girl who is once claimed as “arrogant” could have this side?

Remember at the end of last year, this airport look of Jennie caused quite a fever from fans because she’s just so cute when wearing a bear-liked furry hat and denim clothes.


Recently, the image has flown a long way and suddenly dug up but not just standing calmly, she was standing hesitantly outside a shoe store with her eyes focused.


The beauty looked mesmerized with the inner shoe displayed on the shelf, staring inside while puffing up her cheeks and drinking.


Kim Jennie – who is called as Chanel human now looked just like any girl who’s just fond of shopping but do not have the nerve to buy the expensive ones she likes!


And this picture above shows her pouting face when she can’t buy the shoe, but how is this still so cute?

However that’s just how she looks because everybody knows that she could totally buy a whole store if she wants.

Blinks seem to find Jendeuki’s reaction is way too cute and they keep on sharing this on Twitter, which makes this become viral unexpectedly!


People also commented on these pictures: “Does she think she should buy it or not?”; “Lisa: Buy it / Or buy the whole store”