According to YG Entertainment, the number of subscribers to BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel has reached 45.6 million at 8 PM KST on August 28. They are now the 3rd most subscribed one among male and female artists in the world.


BLACKPINK previously surpassed Ariana Grande and Eminem in this field. After beating out Ed Sheeran, who has 45.3 million subscribers, they are now only behind Justin Bieber and DJ Marshmallow.

As always, BLACKPINK garnered millions of new YouTube subscribers every time a new song is dropped, breaking records for K-Pop girl groups on the global charts, including the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and the U.K.’s Official Singles Chart Top 100.

The number of YouTube subscribers is a very good indicator of an artist’s popularity on the global music market. In fact, the number of subscribers to BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has increased by about 100,000 every hour since the release of ‘Ice Cream’. If this trend goes on, they will soon touch the 50 million milestone. All of these results were achieved in less than two years after BLACKPINK’s targeting the U.S market.

‘Ice Cream’ is a pop song with a simple rhythm and cheerful sound. It is a song that goes well with the hot summer, like the title, with the meaning of “it looks cold on the outside but is sweet on the surface.”