The name BLACKPINK is described as representative opposite sides of the group – “Black” for the badass and sharp image while the “Pink” dedicated the cuteness and girly transforms. They have released a lot of music videos in the “black” side with the perfect sense of high fashion trends.

However, their latest song “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez has brought to fans the members’ vibrant and cute and looks but still trendy and of course, expensive and luxurious as usual.

Here are the details in the fashion they wore in the music video. Feel free to take note because some might possibly become worldwide trends.

1. Jisoo’s matching accessories

Matching the clothes with accessories in the same color or material is a familiar way to look luxurious without even trying. This fashion method also helps to create a uniform-theme outfit.


In the music video, Jisoo’s headband and heart waist pouch are made of the same diamanté material, and she even matched her earrings to the icy tone.

2. Rose’s jelly nails

Rose in this scene is looking cute as always, but if you see clearly you’ll see her nails are painted in jelly colors with a cloud motif. This is a trending design rising globally with the “kidult” theme is in again.


3. Jennie’s upgraded scrunchies

Scrunchies have made a surprising comeback this year in a big way. And Jennie, the trendy member even took a step further by replacing the original scrunchie-as-bracelet with chunky Chanel ribbons.


4. BLACKPINK’s eye make up

Besides fashion, BLACKPINK’s makeup style is still one of the most attractive things to notice in each comeback. Jennie’s eye makeup in “Ice Cream” did look like sprinkles, with tiny yellow stars scattered across the eyelid, highlighted with a cool blue wing.

Jisoo went on the natural makeup look with simple eyeliner with super curly lashes.


5. Small details from brands

Dior and Chanel are two familiar brands that fans usually spot in BLACKPINK’s video, and “Ice Cream” is not an exception.


Here, Jennie adds a touch of her Chanel-girl luxury with Chanel logo suspenders, while Jisoo sports a Dior logo belt.


Jisoo also turns a Dior oblique print scarf into a top. Then she continues pleasing Doir brand managers while decking out in head-to-toe Dior for this look.

6. The butterfly motif

Butterfly motifs are something incredible and aesthetic for girls to try out. The vocal goddess Rose took on this trend further by having tattooed stickers on her beautiful face as a factor to complete the makeup look.


You can see that there are butterflies on her thumbnails as well as her necklace, completing the trend.

7. Huge hair accessories

We said kidult (a portmanteau of “kid” and “adult”) was making a comeback right this time right? BLACKPINK made sure to represent this trend perfectly while both Jennie and Lisa have large hair clips in their hair while Jisoo and Rosé look sweet with thick, chunky hairbands.