Idol groups B1A4, Oh My Girl and ONF are going to join the first family concert of their agency WM Entertainment in early September.


WM Entertainment will hold a family concert in early September featuring all of its singers. The concert will be held in an on-tact manner due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Founded on July 21, 2008, WM’s current artists includes boy groups B1A4, ONF and girl group Oh My Girl. Following the success of B1A4, Oh My Girl and ONF have recently joined the ranks of the most popular idols, earning recognition for their specialized skills and production know-how.


Previously, WM showed off the company members’ closeness by releasing the season song ‘Timing’ in December 2018, in which all three groups participated. At the upcoming concert,the three are said to have prepared unique performances and special collaboration stages.

Attention is focusing on what WM’s first joint concert will look like this year, as the company has been evaluated as the “master of masterpieces” and a “trust and listen” agency with high quality music.