Netizens think Woo!ah! Nana and Wooyeon, Weeekly Jihan, and Rocket Punch are all beautiful and talented but maybe not really suitable for SM Entertainment.

K-Pop is a harsh race, but to be able to join that race is even more difficult. Every year, many people become trainees of entertainment companies, but many of them trainees have to leave because they cannot earn the opportunity to debut. If someone was a trainee of a the “Big 3” companies, such as SM Entertainment, being able to stay is even more like a real ‘survival battle’.

All 4 of the beautiful idols below used to be trainees of SM, but they eventually had to leave because they did not meet some criteria of the agency.

Nana – Woo!ah!


Stage name: Nana
Real Name: Kwon Nayeon
Year of birth: 2001
Position: Leader, main dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper, visual
Debut with girl group Woo!ah! under nv Entertainment in May 2020.

Nana is considered as one of the quite all-round female idols of the 4th generation of K-Pop. She possesses both visual and real talent. This is also the face that surprised Knet when SM eliminated her because Nana had enough factors to shine if the company let her debut in its new girl group.
Nana is praised by many netizens for not only her beauty but also her ability to master the stage.

Wooyeon – Woo!ah!


Stage name: Wooyeon
Real Name: Park Jinkyung
Year of birth: 2003
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Debut with girl group Woo!ah! under nv Entertainment in May 2020.

In Woo!ah!, both Nana and Wooyeon hold the “visual” positions. However, Nana tends to have a cool beauty, while Wooyeon brings a sweet, innocent feeling, like a high school girl.

The extremely cute moments of Wooyeon melt the hearts of many fans. However, netizens also think that Wooyeon is pretty but does not show the different charisma that SM girl group members have.

Jihan – Weeekly


Stage name: Jihan
Real Name: Han Jihyo
Year of birth: 2004
Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer
Debut with girl group Weeekly under Play M Entertainment in June 2020.

Jihan impresses fans with her lovely, pure visual and especially the lovely rabbit smile.

When they first learned about Jihan, many people thought that she would only show cute expressions. However, when reviewing the fancams of the rookie female idol, many people consider her to be the most charismatic performer in Weeekly.

Dahyun – Rocket Punch


Stage name: Dahyun
Real Name: Jeong Dahyun
Year of birth: 2005
Position: Vocal, Dancer, Maknae
Debut with girl group Rocket Punch under Woollim Entertainment in August 2019.

Dahyun is also highly appreciated by netizens for her beauty. The female idol that owns a visual that exudes elegance.

Knet said that Dahyun’s visual is very suitable for SM. However, it is possible that the female idol is not strong enough to meet SM’s strict standards so she has left to find new opportunities. Although the youngest of the 4 faces mentioned, Dahyun is also the first to debut. When Rocket Punch debuted, she was also the first member introduced by Woollim.