Former Big Hit Trainee Recounts His Days Living In The Same Room With BTS

Former Big Hit Trainee Recounts His Days Living In The Same Room With BTS

Roh Jihoon, now a male singer, was selected by Chairman Bang Si Hyuk himself for a Big Hit's project which later became...

Roh Jihoon, now a male singer, was selected by Chairman Bang Si Hyuk himself for a Big Hit's project which later became boy group BTS.


BTS is the group leading the Hallyu wave at the moment, and one of the rising stars of the international music industry. Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook have together reached incredible success under the name BTS.

But before the complete BTS with 7 current members were formed, a lot of trainees were recruited and aimed for the lineup. There are many names that have been revealed earlier, such as Iron, Basick, Loco, Supreme Boi, Kidoh (TOPP DOGG), Suwoong (Boys Republic)…

Most recently, another artist revealed that he was also a part of the Big Hit's boy group project which was later became BTS. He even practiced, ate and slept with the current members. He is Roh Jihoon - a solo singer who debuted in 2012 under Cube Entertainment, being a colleague of big names from the company such as G.NA, 4Minute, Apink, BEAST...

After a long period working under Cube, Roh Jihoon left the company in 2017. Currently, the male singer has gained considerable popularity since his joining 'Mr.Trot'.

Recently, as a guest at the variety show 'Eating Out Day', Roh Jihoon had the opportunity to recount his days under Big Hit. Accordingly, the male singer made everyone surprised when he revealed that he even lived under the same roof with BTS members Suga, RM and J-Hope for 2 years before leaving Big Hit.


He even remembers clearly the order of their beds at that time. "Our room at that time had 4 bunk beds," he shared. "RM was on the top bunk, while I was at the bottom. Next to ours is Suga and J-Hope's bed. I remember my bed was opposite to J-Hope's."


Roh Jihoon even lived with BTS's rapper-line before Jungkook joined the team. The singer recalled, "I remember the day when a new member joined. He was Jungkook. At that time, Jungkook was very young. He was only in high school."


The hosts were surprised to learn that Roh Jihoon was with BTS from the very beginning. The singer shared that it was because he received an invitation from Chairman Bang Si Hyuk - who wanted him to become a trainee to prepare for a new Big Hit project (which later became BTS).

Roh Jihoon with Suga and RM

He continued, 'I knew President Bang Si Hyuk through an audition program called 'Star Audition: the Great Birth'. He asked if I wanted to work with him, and asked if I could stay at the Big Hit Entertainment dormitory."

The hosts were curious about why Roh Jihoon did not stay in Big Hit but became a solo singer. He replied it was because he always wanted to be a solo singer. His role model is Rain, and coincidentally he also received an invitation from Cube's CEO, who also discovered Rain's talent. After that, Roh Jihoon joined Cube and realized his dream of becoming a solo singer.

Roh Jihoon in a photo with Bang Si Hyuk

As BTS has become a world-famous group, the hosts asked if Roh Jihoon regretted leaving Big Hit. They asked him, "Does that mean you almost became part of BTS?"

Roh Jihoon responded: "It's a possibility, but my dream is to become a solo singer. That's why I left the dormitory. But I think that even if I stay, I could not become a member of BTS, because that position does not belong to me. The current members are the ones who made BTS what it is today."

He added, "They really worked hard to debut, and they were already very good. So I definitely wouldn't succeed even if I stay."


After listening to the sharing of Roh Jihoon, many Korean netizens praised the singer for his thoughtful answers. In addition, they also protected Roh Jihoon when some people said he was trying to talk about BTS to "draw attention".


Some comments from Knet:

  • "Roh Jihoon answered very well!"
  • "Why criticize Roh Jihoon just because he talked about BTS? He made it clear that his dream is to be a solo singer!"
  • "I love it when Roh Jihoon said 'The current members are the ones who made BTS what it is today'."
  • "I'm a fan of the group. And I am very interested in this story and not at all uncomfortable!"