On September 28, Weverse announced that former 2NE1 member CL has officially joined the fan community platform, becoming the 7th artist to do so.


CL is an artist who works in various countries with unrivaled charisma and performance and has a solid fandom around the world. She recently released a music video for ‘POST UP’, heralding a full-fledged comeback, and plans to release more new songs and new albums starting next month.

The decisive reason behind CL’s joining Weverse is because it is a ‘global fandom platform’. Weverse provides specialized functions and various services to help artists and fans around the world communicate closely with each other. CL, who will start her career in earnest, will also actively communicate with fans around the world through the Weverse community and talk about her new album.


“We welcome CL, who has been active in the world for a long time in the best position, to join Weverse,” Weverse said. “We will actively support the singer with various services to help her communicate with fans around the world and do full-fledged activities.”

The news of CL joining Weverse comes shortly after boy group P1Harmony officially announced their participation in the fan community. Currently, Weverse is the home of the fandom of 6 idol groups, including BTS, TXT, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST and ENHYPEN.