The recent comebacks of K-Pop idol groups have received very good responses, so new records have been continuously made, including those related to the MV teasers.

One of the indispensable ‘spices’ ahead of every K-Pop artist’s comeback is the release of the MV teaser. Although it is only a few seconds, because of the impatience of the public, these teasers often reach astonishing number of views, especially when it comes to famous idol groups.

In 2020, K-Pop has witnessed the breakthrough in the number of views of many MV teasers. In particular, the comeback of BTS and BLACKPINK recently has changed the rankings drastically. Let’s take a look at 10 most-viewed MV teasers in 2020.

10th place: ITZY – ‘WANNABE’ (Teaser 1)

Release Date: March 4
Number of views: 3.9 million

9th place: IRENE & SEULGI (RED VELVET) – ‘MONSTER’ (Teaser 1)

Release Date: July 3
Number of views: 4.4 million

8th place: IU ft SUGA (BTS) – ‘EIGHT’ (Teaser)

Release Date: May 4
Number of views: 5.9 million

7th place: ITZY – ‘WANNABE’ (Teaser 2)

Release Date: May 4
Number of views: 7 million

6th place: EVERGLOW – ‘DUN DUN’ (Teaser)

Release Date: January 29
Number of views: 8.6 million

5th place: TWICE – ‘MORE & MORE’ (The Dance Break Teaser)

Release Date: May 27
Number of views: 9.4 million

4th place: TWICE – ‘MORE & MORE’ (Teaser)

Release Date: May 25
Number of views: 11.7 million

3rd place: ITZY – ‘Not Shy’ Teaser

Release Date: August 11
Number of views: 12.3 million

2nd place: BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ Teaser

Release Date: June 23
Number of views: 26.8 million

1st place: BTS – ‘Dynamite’ Teaser

Release Date: August 19
Number of views: 41.2 million

As we can see, in less than 2 days since its release, BTS’s ‘Dynamite‘ teaser took the throne from BLACKPINK ‘How You Like That’ teaser. Currently, the group’s teaser is getting more and more views. BTS is also the group that owns the MV teaser with the most views on YouTube so far (previously, the top spot belonged to the ‘Boy With Luv’ Teaser 2 with 40.8 million views).