Actor Jung Kyung Ho has announced that he will be holding an online fan meeting on his personal YouTube channel on July 2.


Jung Kyung Ho is set to greet his fans through a live stream on his channel ‘정말이야 [Kyungho Jung – OFFICIAL]’ instead of an offline fan meeting, which can’t be held due to the new coronavirus pandemic. This is also a rare opportunity for the actor to communicate with overseas fans in real time.

It is noteworthy that the entire proceeds from the fan meeting will be donated to charity, and meaningful gifts will be given to fans through the event.

Fans’ expectations are at their peak, as it will be his first time communicating with fans since the live broadcast of the cast of tvN’s recently ended drama ‘Hospital Playlist‘. At the fan meeting, he is expected to tell various stories, have many activities such as a Q&A sessions, and reveal about how he has been doing.

The fan meeting will be available on the YouTube channel starting at 8 PM KST on July 2.