Jung Kyung Ho Reveals How He Plans On Celebrating His 10-year Anniversary With Sooyoung

Jung Kyung Ho Reveals How He Plans On Celebrating His 10-year Anniversary With Sooyoung

On November 11, actor Jung Kyung Ho and actress Oh Na Ra of the upcoming blockbuster film 'Men of Plastic' (2022) appeared as guests on Lee Yong Jin's 'Turkids On The Block'.

On this day, Lee Yong Jin pointed out that both Jung Kyung Ho and Oh Na Ra are famous in the entertainment industry for having maintained their public relationships for a long time. When both stars were asked how long it has been since they've dated their partners, Oh Na Ra said, "It's been about 22 years," while Jung Kyung Ho said, "It's been 10 years for me."

To actress Oh Na Ra, who is known for being in a public relationship with musical actor Kim Do Hoon, Lee Yong Jin asked, "Even after 22 years, do you still celebrate anniversaries?" Hearing this, Oh Na Ra responded, "I really want to do those kinds of things, but neither of us know when we started dating."

The question was then directed to Jung Kyung Ho, and the actor answered, "Our 10th anniversary is next week." To this, Lee Yong Jin asked, "Do you have a big event planned?"

Choi Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho

Jung Kyung Ho replied, "We don't usually do big fancy events. We just go out to eat, go eat something delicious." However, Lee Yong Jin suggested, "How about you try holding a really big event this time? Just don't meet her that day. Just don't contact her. You make plans, but the day of, don't show up. And then it's like, 'How was that day without me? Didn't you realize how important I was in your life?'."

Burst into laughter after hearing Lee Yong Jin's bold suggestion, Jung Kyung Ho shook his head and said, "I could never do that. I do not want to do that. That would just make me very fatigued. Just thinking about something like that makes me fatigued. How am I supposed to make up for that the next day?"

Lee Yong Jin then clarified, "I just thought you didn't seem like someone who would pay attention to those kinds of anniversaries." Hearing this, Jung Kyung Ho refuted, "I think it's actually fun more fun to have a relationship where you celebrate anniversaries and have special days like that."

As many of you know, Jung Kyung Ho is well-known for being in a public relationship with Girls' Generation's Sooyoung. (You can watch the full episode of this week's 'Turkids On The Block', below.)

Source: Allkpop