Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah have appeared together at the cover of the fashion magazine 1st Look‘, drawing attention with their perfect visuals.


A pictorial showing the perfect chemistry between actors Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah, the main characters of the drama ‘The Tale Of Gumiho‘ which will premiere on Oct. 7, has been released.


Lee Dong Wook and Cho Bo Ah, who are taking photos together for the first time through ‘1st Look’ have completed their sensual pictorials with their expressions and atmosphere, giving off their unrivaled aura as actors with the best acting skills.


The two actors, who appeared in front of the camera wearing warm knit items, were in perfect harmony with the admiration of the field staff. In the following shooting, the viewers were envious of the couple’s friendly poses, exchanging affectionate glances, such as sharing a double coat of the same design. In addition, Lee Dong Wook presented a perfect boyfriend look by matching a coat and slacks with a classic design, while Jo Bo Ah matched a stylish jacket, skirt and pants with elaborate Tayloring to complete a stylish yet chic semi-casual look.


After the shooting, Lee Dong Wook said in an interview about the drama, “I was unfamiliar with the character, Gumiho, and I wanted to try it because people said it would look good on me. Since the character of the angel of death in “Goblin” received great love, I tried to exclude Lee Yeon of “The Tale of Gumiho” as much as possible because I were worried that I might feel a sense of deja vu. It’s not easy to change characters that have lived between this world and the afterlife and the past and the present for more than a thousand years. I’m trying my best”. The actress said, “My character is a brave, confident, and fearless person. He’s straightforward, too. I don’t think I look that way. So it’s fun to play Jia. I was able to speak and act what I usually don’t, and I think I’m similar to my brave self“.


The actor then said about Jo Bo Ah’s first impression, “When I first saw her, I thought she was prettier than the screen. And she was much more articulate than the image on TV. I found that attractive, and I’m confident that we can discuss it well together and create a piece of work.” She said, “When I think of Lee Dong Wook, doesn’t it go well with Gumiho? I was a little excited. I think such a fantasy character suits him well. Thanks to his unrealistic appearance, I thought he looked so good that I wondered which actor could do it without him,” he said, expressing his special affection for the other actor and the work.

The two actors’s pictorials and interviews will be available in 1st Look No. 204, which will be published on September 17.