In the latest interview on tvN, Lee Dong Wook has opened up about his reasons to appear in the upcoming fantasy drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed”.

Tale of the Nine Tailed” follows the urban fantasy theme with the main story tells about a male gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) called Yi Yeon (played by Lee Dong Wook) who is slowly settling down in the city. He is in the middle of hunt down by a fearless producing director with strong determination, played by Jo Bo Ah.


Lee Dong Wook turns from the Grip Reaper to the mystic Gumiho Yi Yeon, who once ruled as the guardian spirit of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range. After a long time staying in the wild, he nows blends into the human’s culture when living in the city. He travels between this world and the underworld for his job as a judge who is responsible for punishing the monsters that disturb the living world.


In response to the public’s positive reaction to his casting for the role, Lee Dong Wook shared, “I’m very thankful that people are reacting by saying that the gumiho character fits me well visually.”

As for why he chose to star in the drama, he said, “It’s like a mixture of genres, rather than pure fantasy, so I had a lot of fun reading the script. I like the concept of a male gumiho, which breaks our preconceptions of what a gumiho is.”


He further explained, “Yi Yeon is a character with lots of scars. I’m doing my best to portray the emotions of Yi Yeon, who pretends to be fine on the outside but has been in pain on the inside for a long time.”

In order to show the intrinsic charisma of a guardian spirit, Lee Dong Wook practiced for his action scenes at a stunt school and worked hard to create detailed scenes. The actor also paid close attention to his styling as a character who lives in a penthouse and cares more about looking perfect than just a creature that eats the liver, which is a traditional gumiho‘s favorite food. He emphasized Yi Yeon’s sophisticated aura by changing up his hair color and wearing monochromatic outfits with accessories to accentuate the looks.


The romance Lee Dong Wook will portray with Jo Bo Ah is also the focus of attention. The actor said about Jo Bo Ah, “She brings vigor to the set with her optimistic and bright energy. She’s openminded, so there’s no difficulty in exchanging our thoughts with each other, and I’m thankful for that.”


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Kim Bum plays Yi Rang, who is at odds with Yi Yeon. Regarding Kim Bum, Lee Dong Wook shared, “I’ve known him for a very long time, so we’re working together comfortably and naturally. He’s a great junior who works hard at everything and always comes prepared, so I’m learning a lot from him.”

Lastly, Lee Dong Wook shared a message for fans and potential viewers of the drama. “I hope that you will enter our fantasy world that’s far away from reality and comfortably enjoy the drama. We have a lot to show, so you’ll be able to enjoy it.”

The drama’s production team expressed, “Lee Dong Wook is the actor who made Yi Yeon from the script come to life. Lee Dong Wook will be showing impressive acting and a variety of charms in every episode of ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed.’”