Actress Kim Ah Joong has participated in the campaign from ‘Save the Children Fund’ to fight against child sexual exploitation and helped protect the affected children.

Save the Children Fund, often called ‘Save the Children’, is a leading humanitarian organization for children. It has been calling for signatures for support of the protection of children affected by sexual exploitation, punishment of perpetrators, and improvement of the social protection system for children and adolescents since April 13th. A petition is also being filed with the Joint Countermeasure Committee for the revision of The Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act.


Actor Kim Ah Joong was heartbroken by the recent ‘Nth Room’ incident and has become a goodwill ambassador for a campaign against child sexual exploitation so that such incidents would no longer be repeated. In a campaign video, Kim Ah Joong called for signatures of supporters and revision of the Prevention Act to protect children.

In particular, the campaign was carried out by Kim Ah Joong’s idea as she joins Save The Children, adding sincerity to Kim Ah Joong’s good behavior, which has been influential through various activities such as continuous donations, volunteer works and public relations.


Earlier, Kim Ah Joong had continued various activities and donations, including sponsorship for single-parent families, supporting surgery costs for disabled children and donating book for children, while voicing her sympathy for the struggles women have to get through in reality, as well as calling for a better future. She also volunteered to be a goodwill ambassador for the Women’s Film Festival.

Kim Ah Joong shared, “As an actress, I became worried about women and children in difficult situations while observing and playing female characters. In particular, I wanted to be of help somehow to them after learning that there are many girls in blind spots that are living without protection”.

When asked about the causes of repeated child sexual exploitation problems during the campaign, Kim Ah Joong replied, “I would like to ask everyone to think why the sexual exploitation in children keeps happening like this.” She added, “I want to tell the victims that it’s not your fault. As an adult, I’m sorry that I couldn’t make a good world for you and I want to tell you that I’ll help you heal your wounds.”


The actress also said, “There should be more adults whom children can easily ask for help from. In addition, harsher penalties should be conducted to prevent such crimes from continuing to occur. And instead of just punishing cases like ‘Nth Room’, we should all be more serious about child and youth sex crimes and digital sex crimes, and seek a better direction together.”

Details of the campaign against child sexual exploitation, which actor Kim Ah Joong joined, can be found on the Save the Children website.