Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk‘s new fantasy series named “The School Nurse Files” on Netflix has just dropped a teaser where the duo was seen to go chasing ghosts.


The project is in the fantasy genre — based on an award-winning novel of the same name — about Ahn Eun Young (played by Jung Yu Mi), a nurse who pursues and exorcises ghosts in her creative and funny ways. She and Hong In Pyo (played by Nam Joo Hyuk), a teacher who has an unexplained power aura of energy that protects him, create a team to exorcise evil spirits and solve supernatural problems.

The teaser opens up with someone asking Eun Young if she sees “jellies” again. The “jellies” are indeed ghosts, and as cute as what they are called, they go around causing trouble, which is the duty of the little nurse.

At her new job at a school, she meets Hong In Pyo, a teacher who is able to recharge her energy, and soon, they join hands to pursue ghosts and exorcise them.


In the series’ poster, the two characters were seen looking cute with jellies covered their faces. The caption also states that they’re living their lives in a strange, mysterious but beautiful world. Jung Yu Mi threw a concerned face with jelly on her nose, and her poster reads, “Why the heck am I the only one who can see them?” while Nam Joo Hyuk calmly stares ahead of him with defeated shoulders, and his poster describes “Miss Ahn, do you see something?”

Watch the new teaser with English subtitles below!