Jung Kyung Ho has shared about his acting career with the role in ‘Hospital Playlist‘ drama, his friendship with casts, and guitar skill in the interview for the 20th-anniversary edition of Cosmopolitan Korea magazine!

How have you been since ‘Hospital Playlist‘? I’m taking a break and preparing for my next work. Filming starts next week.

What kind of movie is it? It’s called “Apgujeong Report,” about plastic surgery, and I’m a doctor with a lump of desire. It’s 180 degrees different from Junwan.


You opened your YouTube account. But after the live fan meeting, there was no special video. Don’t you want to show your daily life? I‘m preparing for it, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I think it’s more difficult to show a variety show or a natural appearance. I’m thinking about good content, but nothing concrete has been made.

No matter what kind of acting you do, some actors show themselves, and some actors characterize you. Whenever you watch a drama, you feel like you’re integrated with the character. I’d appreciate that. I think I’m choosing a character that I can do well because I don’t have enough character integration yet. Haha. When I talk to the director, writer, and fellow actors a lot, I think I understand the character naturally.

Usually, you try to get out of the character when you’re done with your work. I think “Hospital playlist” will feel a bit different as the season continues. What I was grateful for at the end of season 1 was that the drama wasn’t over yet. I think it’s a different experience. It’s not over yet. I was so happy before, during, and after filming.

I think you became friends with the members of the drama ‘Hospital Playlist’. I can see your photos with the members on Instagram. We play music. The energy I get from the ensemble is really good. We can work together through acting, but the excitement of the concert is different. I think that’s why the five of us got closer.

Jung Kyung Ho seems to be the most passionate when he is acting and when he talks about acting. Maybe it’s because this is the only thing I can do and this is the only thing I can do. Haha. I’m not a good actor yet, so I keep doing it.


So, what is a good actor? Hmm… I think it’s hard. To be a good actor, you have to be a good person first. You have to be able to think and speak well to express that in acting. I also need to be able to express myself accurately. That way, you can express your acting more accurately.

It’s hard. Is there any difference in the acting? I know that the director’s OK sign is the scariest thing. When I was in my 20s, I tried to express my feelings without hesitation, but now I thought that if I did something wrong, I might not be able to act like I love you anymore. That’s why I got a stronger sense of duty and became more diligent. I try to act without regret. And I try to look different in each work. If there’s no change, you might not be able to do it.

Cosmo celebrated its 20th anniversary. What would you like to do if you could be 20 again? I like it now. If I go back to my 20s and tell them to do the works that I’ve done so far, I want to go back, but I don’t want to do anything new. I am grateful and satisfied with the works I have done so far and my present life.

Is there anything you want to say to the 2030 generation who are watching Cosmo? It could be obvious, but I think we should pay attention to the environment. The flood damage is still too great, but it’s all related to environmental pollution. I was ignorant when I was young, but I’m reflecting on myself a lot these days. You have to live responsibly and consciously for the future and for the next generation.

It’s not a world where you live alone. This year is just around the corner. Time flies. How do you accept getting older? I thought I wanted to be 40 soon while doing this job. I can play many more roles, and I think I’ll be able to act in a better way. Deep smoke. So I’m looking forward to 40.

Could you give us a spoiler for Season 2 of “Hospital Playlist”?
I’d love to, but I don’t know anything yet. The director doesn’t know either. Ha ha.