Legends say that there won’t be enough new music for summer when June has given us such fresh project day by day. Just like Halsey and Marshmallow when these two have just been dropped a music video for their song called “Be kind” where Halsey looks completely dreamy in pink-shade cotton candy hair.


The video was shot during the coronavirus quarantine, started with the singer showing up in an oversized pink t-shirt and white knee-high socks.

Watch the music video below.

Halsey flaunted her sultry dance moves and rose-hued hair in an empty concrete building while parading her toned legs. Then, she gets up from her chair and starts gliding on her toes around a warehouse apartment.

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“I don’t know why you hide from the one

And close your eyes to the one

Mess up and lie to the one that you love,” she sings before drifting off to a flowery park.  

Once she enters the alternative universe while daydreaming, Halsey changes her clothes into a white t-shirt and tiny yellow skirt. The backdrop is stunning and brimming with flowers and cherry blossom trees. 


The video concludes with the Without You singer being probed by Marshmello in the initial warehouse apartment, from the opening scene. 

Rocking pink hair has made her fans questioned whether the singer hot inspired by Japanese culture.

“made a video in isolation, so of course I drew influence from my favorite place to run away to in my head! Japan, with the pink wig, and Sakura season,” she answered in a tweet.

“I’ll tell u guys more about it soon but this video was wild to create. Learning choreo on FaceTime, then I broke my ankle, we used a Bolt camera so it was all programmed beforehand so there wasn’t a human physically operating it, the team that rendered the worlds. It was wild!” she said in another tweet.