EXO Chanyeol is preparing to start his lead role in his first Korean movieThe Box‘, which made his fans become excited and got a lot of high expectations.

On July 30, SM Entertainment officially confirmed that Chanyeol would be starring in the upcoming film “The Box” (literal title). The agency stated, “Chanyeol has decided to appear in the jukebox road movie ‘The Box’ and is currently in the process of working out the details.”


“The Box” is a jukebox musical film about an aspiring singer and a washed-up music producer who used to be a big shot in the industry. Together, they embark on a musical journey that will be directed by Yang Jung Woong, the executive producer of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.

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Not only will Chanyeol be starring in the movie in the role of the aspiring singer, but he will also be personally participating in rearranging the songs that he will be singing in the film.

Although EXO Chanyeol previously starred in the Chinese movie “So I Married My Anti-Fan,” “The Box” will mark his very first starring role in a Korean film. The movie is currently scheduled to begin filming sometime in mid-to-late August.