Diva’ has released the sidewalk steel cut scenes about the mysterious thriller chemistry between Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young.


‘Diva’ is a mystery thriller that occurs when the latent desire and madness wake up after the diving queen, Lee Young, was involved in a mysterious car accident. The movie, which was released on the same day, is a mystery thriller film about diving for the first time in Korea, attracting attention with a unique atmosphere that has never been seen in other thrillers.


First of all, Shin Min Ah, who challenged the mystery thriller genre for the first time since her debut and had intense eyes, acted as Lee Young, perfectly digesting her dim eyes toward her friend Su Jin, confused look, and sharp eyes captivated by madness.


The images of Lee Young and Soo Jin, who have been hiding despite being best friends and close colleagues, and are gradually falling apart with the sense of inferiority and jealousy they have been hiding, amplifies curiosity and heralds thriller chemistry between the two actresses.


In addition, Hyun Min’s change, which seemed to keep Lee Young and Soo Jin firmly as coaches, raises the tension in the play to the highest level, raising expectations for Lee Young’s passionate performance with tens of thousands of emotions in his eyes.