The movie ‘Diva‘ (director Cho Seulye) released a behind-the-scenes story on August 18th. Starting with the diving fight between the main characters Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young, we were able to confirm the passion of the production team.

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In the play, Shin Min Ah plays Lee Young, the queen of diving. Four months before the shooting began, she had practiced trampoline, high-level wire action, and actual diving training.

In particular, despite her fear of heights, she is known to have climbed directly onto the diving board and practiced constantly. Thanks to this, she was able to digest 120 percent of the diving character.


I wanted to do the best I could as Lee Young,” Shin Min Ah said. “At first, I was very afraid. But I gradually fell into diving”.


The production team of “Diva” also had a task. That is, to revive the atmosphere of the mystery-thriller genre by expressing the sport of diving. They shared, “I tried to capture the horror and thrill of Diving on the screen. Every time, I filmed it with different techniques and angles and filmed it in a movie. The lighting also changed the color and contrast, I wanted to express the change in the main character’s inner psychology and external situation”.


They also paid attention to the quality of music, art, etc. The sound effect was mixed so that the sense of immersion did not drop. Visually, the swimming pool’s unique refreshing and cold atmosphere was preserved.


Diva is a mystery thriller movie. It depicts an incident in which diving queen Lee Young was involved in a mysterious car accident. It is scheduled to be released next month. Stay tuned and wait for further information about the movie.