Han So Hee is a beautiful young actress and has proved her talent through many dramas. Recently, she is known for being the lead role in ‘The World of The Married‘, which was one of Korea’s most-watched shows on cable ever. And the director of that drama has revealed the reasons why he cast her for that role.


The director of World of The MarriedMo Wan Il, shared in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the exact reason why he ended up casting the young starlet. It turns out that Mo Wan Il had been blown away by her beauty!

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He shared that she was so beautiful, and in such a charming way, that he just had to cast her for the role. In fact, it was her charms made her so perfect for the role, given that the role of Yeo Da Kyung was meant to be so much more than just the next young thing that a middle-aged man is tempted by.


She was unrealistically pretty. We were doing a drama meeting but her beauty was so definite. I thought it was just me that felt it, but everyone around was saying how pretty she was. Yeo Da Kyung’s role in entirety is one that should give people nervousness just by existing. I thought that the viewers shouldn’t merely feel that it was simply a middle-aged man falling for a young girl. At the end of the first part of the show, when Yeo Da Kyung turns around, I wanted the viewers’ hearts to sink while thinking, “it’s going to be a problem!” I think that actress Han So Hee managed to meet with The World of The Married right at her most charming point in life“, the director said.