Han So Hee recently has drawn a lot of attention not only by her acting talent but also by her unrivaled fatal charm through her fashion.


After a long time, a rookie has appeared to shake the entertainment industry. Actress Han So Hee (25), who played the role of Da Kyung in JTBC’s <The World of The Married>, is the main character. She has emerged as the most talked-about figure in the first half of 2020 by capturing the public’s attention at once with her charisma and unique beauty, which boasts of her unapproachable acting skills.

Han So Hee, a new actress who debuted in 2017 with SBS drama “Into the New World,” has been showing off her unrelenting popularity by decorating portal sites every day. Although the explosive popularity of the past photo was re-examined and controversial, it drew support from fans by showing a determined aspect of saying that they love the past and present as they are. In particular, the actress’s interest in fashion is jaw-dropping due to her superior physique and fashion sense. Throughout the recent drama ‘The World of The Married’, her clothes, bags, and shoes were all the talk of the town. From the casual, charming denim outfit to the sleep-dress outfit that was full of seductive charm, it was perfect.

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Here are some of her style collection that everyone pays attention to: