Ahn Bo Hyun gets a lot of high expectations when considering to join Netflix’s upcoming series with Han So Hee.

Previously, it was announced that Han So Hee is in talks to play the lead in Netflix drama “Nemesis“. The drama revolves around a woman who joins an organized crime gang to take revenge after her father’s death and then becomes an undercover police officer.


On August 5, an industry representative reported that Ahn Bo Hyun will be playing opposite Han So Hee.

In response to the report, his agency FN Entertainment shared that the actor is in talks to join the drama but nothing has been confirmed yet. The agency commented, Ahn Bo Hyun recently attended a meeting to discuss ‘Nemesis.’ The script hasn’t come out yet.”

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If Ahn Bo Hyun chooses to accept the role, he will play a man named Jeon Pil Do, a promising national judo player who becomes a veteran detective instead. Jeon Pil Do is handsome, has a strong physique, dresses well, and is overly proud. He may seem cold and uncaring, but he is a man with a sad past who can’t stand the sight of anyone unfortunate or helpless. He was on his way to stardom as a national judo player, but a certain accident caused his downfall, and he became a detective for revenge.

“Nemesis” will hold a full script reading session this month and is expected to begin filming next month.