Korean cinema has a lot of male stars who possess handsome and attractive looks. In particular, the smile is the most special point that helps them win the hearts of fans. Here are the Korean male actors with the sweetest smiles that will melt you, every time you see them smiling.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho always makes fans excited when this guy smiles his legendary smile. The dimples and lovely eyes make the smile of the male lead “Boys Over Flower” sweet and easily captivate anyone’s heart.


Kang Ha Neul

The actor born in 1990 has a childlike smile that makes people want to hug him immediately. Along with that is a lovely temperament like the neighbor’s boy, making fans love Kang Ha Neul even more.


Ji Chang Wook

Whenever he laughs, everything around Ji Chang Wook will light up. Ji’s male god’s eyes light up with his own smile. Many fans confessed that the smile was what made them “fall down” in front of Ji Chang Wook.


Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum’s smile is his strong point that helps him attract a large number of fans not only in Korea but also in other countries. Even his fans make many videos that synthesize the moments where the male lead “Reply 1988” laughed, because it was so cute and sweet.


Song Joong Ki

Before impressing with his muscular body in “Descendants Of The Sun“, Song Joong Ki has always caused love thanks to his talking eyes and his smile that could not be sweeter. The actor’s smile, born in 1985, can melt anyone’s heart, including his co-star or fan.