This YG Trainee Is Called "The 2nd Jennie" And We All Can See Why

This YG Trainee Is Called "The 2nd Jennie" And We All Can See Why

As YG Entertainment has succeeded in producing top-notch groups, including BLACKPINK, people also pay much attention to...

As YG Entertainment has succeeded in producing top-notch groups, including BLACKPINK, people also pay much attention to the next generation of YG idols. And among the many trainees under this company, one has become so popular even though she hasn't officially debuted, thanks to her outstanding beauty and talent. Yesterday, on Pann - a Korean online forum, this trainee became the talk of the town through an article titled 'This is YG Entertainment's 2nd Jennie'. This article received more than 140,000 views and 641 upvotes.


The trainee in discussion is Ella Gross, born in 2008, being an American - Korean child. She has signed a contract with The Black Label - a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. Ella Gross was once named one of the most beautiful child models in the world.


What's even more special is that the kid is a fan of BLACKPINK and also has a very close relationship with the group members. The OP on Pann wrote: "This girl is considered by international fans as 'the second Jennie'. She is also very close to Jennie and the other members in BLACKPINK. Ella Gross even went out to Lotte World with Rosé once."


In addition to possessing an unrivaled beauty and a tall height, Ella Gross also has a luxury aura despite her young age. From the age of 2, she was photographed by a number of American magazines. Then in her 1st grade, she received many invitations from major fashion brands. She has collaborated with many big brands such as GAP, H&M, Levi, Zara, Lascote, Abecrombie&Fitch and so on… Ella Gross's Instagram is filled with beautiful images and she has over 3,9 million followers.


Currently, Ella Gross is mainly working as a child model and actress, but it's still possible for The Black Label to lead her into an idol career. Music producer Teddy - the president of The Black Label - praised her talent, saying, "Ella Gross has a special voice and can completely be a singer." In addition to acting, modeling, she is also passionate about singing, dancing, playing guitar and ballet. Thanks to these factors, many netizens are looking forward to seeing the trainee become a female idol following the success of BLACKPINK in the future.

With her talent and beauty, it is not difficult to understand why netizens call her 'the second Jennie'. However, the most surprising thing is that in many photos, Ella Gross looks unbelievably similar to Jennie. Many fans, after viewing some photos on Instagram, even left comments such as "I thought she was young Jennie", "Pretty and luxurious, she's Jennie"...



When Ella Gross did an advertisement for Baskin Robbins, her expressions and charisma are said to be the same as Jennie (BLACKPINK).

The Pann article about Ella Gross garnered a lot of comments from Knet. Many people praised the trainee's beauty - some even said she is prettier and more charismatic than Jennie. Meanwhile, some Knet agreed that the trainee's image is indeed YG Entertainment's favorite and expected her to further develop her career as an idol in the future.


Some of Knet's comments on Pann:

  • "She is even prettier than Jennie."
  • "Despite her young age, she is very beautiful and has a great aura."
  • "Truly a role model of YG Entertainment."
  • "I think Ella Gross's beauty is a combination of all 4 BLACKPINK members!"
  • "She is cute but can take extremely charismatic photos."
  • "Will she become an idol? I think Ella Gross will be a model and actress."
  • "At first I was not paying much attention, but now that I look at the pictures, I agree she looks a lot like Jennie."
  • "Well, she is really the 2nd Jennie!"


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